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I watched 'Bad Vegan' on Netflix and thought. Now that's a challenge! Can Vegan food blow me away? The star dish of the series 'Raw Food Lasagna' did. I tweaked it a bit though. Made with thinly sliced courgette, drizzled with olive oil, thyme, oregano, salt and pepper. Dollops of cashew nut cream with nutritional yeast, sun-dried tomato paste, pistachio basil pesto. An absolute triumph.

Pate Faux Gras. Yes, it did taste like chicken liver pate. Made from mushroom, roasted walnuts and green lentils with beetroot puree to give it that chicken liver pate colour. Topped this with caramelized onions and served with sour-dough bread.

Miso soup with seaweed, silken tofu, dried tofu flakes,

dried mushrooms, wood ear mushrooms. It's hard making miso without bonito flakes, was the conclusion I reached. I tried and there were many steps to get there. In the end I decided it's not worth it. And since I don't use MSG in my cooking it's harder to reach that 'wow' stage. I'm sure Vegans might like seaweed soup but I wasn't too excited by it.

This one is a keeper. The first thing is the vegan tartare sauce made with aquafaba. OMG it has to be the best tartare sauce ever. Just added capers, cornichons pickles, onion and dill. Home-made tomato sauce. Triple fried chips and the star was the Banana blossom fish fried in beer batter. Knockout dish.

Pineapple carpaccio brushed with rum syrup, pommegranate puree, Oat and coconut ice-cream with dates, sesame brittle. The ice-cream was good, very good, in fact. it was another good dish.

My helper of the evening. Lorriane, by day reflexologist. by night elfing in my kitchen

Help during prep. The amazing Nicolas Gardet. chef extraordinaire.

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