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Poaching eggs have been on my shit list forever. I've tried: poachers, sous vide machine, microwave, spinning water in a pan (with and without vinegar) and nothing gets it the way I like..... until now.

To make the perfect poached egg means a serious investment of buying the Thermomix TM6.(so worth it).

Add warm water to the limit. Heat on sous vide mode to 75C. Put uncracked eggs in the simmering basket (I think 4 to 5 might be the limit). When the heat is reached gently add the simmering basket. Set the timer to 14 mins for small eggs and 2 in the simmering basket. I use big eggs and 4 in the basket, so I set it to 17 mins. Then just crack the eggs open. Silky smooth yolks. If you like the white a little less runny, just add a minute but the yolk will set a little firmer. Mine was perfect, delicious and could be my breakfast for the rest of my life.

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