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A whole new discovery for me. Native to Australia. I could best describe them as little bursting balls of lime caviar. The oblong fruit is broken in two and a little squeeze reveals these pearls of acidity. I suspect they top oysters in Australia and imagine all ceviche, smoked salmon and gravlax could do with its presence. I, for one, tried it on avocado. Delicious. It was introduced to me in Noosa by a 13year old boy telling me it was 'bush tucker'. I will forever be grateful to him for the new taste sensation he gave me. Now, the question is, how do I grow it on my balcony in Istanbul?

Topping avocado on a bun (with a touch of chilli flakes and salt)

Finger limes growing like pods on a shrub

The first test of a finger lime. Linfield takes the plunge and our 13 year old guide shows us how.

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