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ASIAN ADVENTURE part 4 - the menu

We had heard of a great duck and pork place called Prachak. A restaurant that had been running since 1909. Home owners would send their servants out to buy duck and pork for the evening meal from here and by early afternoon they were sold out. The food was good, but like most places the crispy pork and duck is served at room temperature. I like mine warmed through but that's a hard thing to do with crispy pork - no one wants to lose the crunch.

A mix of crispy pork and barbecue duck, tender and cooked really well.

A mixture of all the porks on offer, bbq pork, crispy pork, chinese sausage, pork sausage and duck on the side. I'm particularly fond of chinese sausage.

For dinner we made our way to Pier 21 in the Terminal 21 mall. There's an enormous food hall that does surprisingly good food for prices that match food you will find in a pasar malam (night market). We opted for the nourishing pork soup topped with a fried wonton. We scoffed that just before heading to watch the film The Menu. What a great film that is. A satirical look at chefs and diners and the extreme of their art. I'm putting this up as one of my favourite films of all time.

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