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There is little that can beat tropical rain. For a start it's warm, and it's fierce, and usually short lived (but not that this day). There is a sound that is comforting and speaks of dark cozy rooms, lying horizontal and watching the waterfall of rain off tiled roofs. Then there is the smell. It carries the hot earth, tarmac and cement but also the scent of flowers, the ripeness of fruit and the vegetal notes from plants. This rain cannot be replicated outside the tropics and I have missed it so.

So, as not to tire me for my long journey back (note: I did not type 'home'. Home is not where I live and not where I have lived. It's in a limbo somewhere, and maybe it's in the rain, we went to the Botanical gardens. A place my mother took me too many times. We'd dodge monkeys (now no more) and watch the wildlife in the pond. I didn't get to see all the gardens because of the rain, but that didn't matter, it was perfect, to sit and watch the torrential outpourings replenishing the beauty of the gardens. I wish I could name you each amazing bloom I came across and each plant but I can't. My botany vocabulary contains: flower, plant, tree. If you spot something I'd love to know the name.

A bird nestled in one of the flowers

I call this one my Monet waterlily period

Swan lake was devoid of swans, all sheltering from the rain.

Sheltering from the rain.

A banana flower

Is this a Banyan Tree?

I know the name to this one. My favourite orchid - Golden Rain. Very apt on a day of rain.

With a break in the rain we retreated to a cafe to watch the second half.

Perfect natural umbrellas.

Standing under one of these gives ample protection.

I had to give my body a rest from MSG onslaught and was sad my last outside meal should not be Asian but the Eggs Benedict was delicious.

Back at Lily's house the birds turned up at the kitchen gate. Soon after I got a tasting of wonderfully made Pi Tees.

I had an hour in my room before leaving for the airport listening to the downpour outside. Magical. Such a wonderful way to end a few days in my former home country.

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