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As with all family, blood lines extend like roots of a tree, some thin and wandering far from the main root and others twisted and gnarled. It's possibly an age thing in my wish to discover where I came from and meet or reconnect with anyone who may share DNA of who I am. I was lucky to spend time with 2 of these relatives. Their winding twisting DNA run far in another trajectory than mine, but they are nonetheless connected to be. I spent an afternoon with my cousin discussing our blood connection and the possibility that our family contains a secret we may never uncover. But we will work on that and hopefully answers will surface. But what remains, or has started, is to have found a friend.

My evening with Joe and Yvonne was a reunion. We have met before in the past. Joe told me he babysat my sister when she was a baby, during a time before I was born. And over the years we'd meet in my home and at our other cousins. They put on a meal feast for me (only a fraction in these photos).

Roti, such a favourite of mine with another version called Murtabak which can contain mutton or chicken.

Mee (noodles) mamak is very possibly an Indian take on Malay fried noodles. This particular one also contained the flat chinese rice noodles.

An all time favourite: a Chinese custard tart. Very possibly originated from Portuguese egg tarts.

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