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Should anyone wish the recipe for any of the below feel free to get in touch.

Greek Dakos salad

Feta cheese (I used a mix of goat and sheep cheese), black olives, cherry tomatoes, parsley, Rusk bread, good olive oil and a touch of lemon juice.

Lime leaf, cucumber and courgette

Mixed with yoghurt, spices, fresh lime leaves (I have a tree on the balcony) and finger limes (recently taken from Australia)

Smoked lane

Topped with roasted red peppers, caper and almond brittle

Sri Lankan Augergine

Red peppers, green peppers, lemon grass, pandan juice. This recipe appears in the Singapore cookbook (available sometime in the future). With it comes the alternatives (pandan juice being not that easy to find). This was my grandmother's recipe, the only one I managed to learn from her through the Amah we had in Singapore. .

Fried oyster mushrooms

Hummus with pomegranate molasses and red chilli flakes

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