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Last night was a wedding meal test. In June I fly to USA to cook for a wedding for 100 people. Over some days Abby and Pete talked about what they hoped for, what kind of meal they wanted to offer their guests that spoke of who they were as people: eclectic, adventurous, welcoming, exciting, risk-takers and home makers.

Abby had spent a few years living and working in Istanbul and wanted to bring that part of the world to the table. Pete wanted to bring new experiences to loved ones whilst understanding that some people need the safety of flavours they know. Taking that into account and the dietary requirements of some guests (gluten-free), availability of ingredients (substitutions), freeze ahead produce, and available kitchen appliances, I put together a tester of various kinds of flavours.

We had a great evening with the addition of an American/British couple, They gave ideas of what we could roll with. It gave Abby and Pete a good indication of what they and their guests may like. Their work continues as they test out these kinds of recipes, learn how well it freezes, or not, and make decisions.

Mezze selection:

Ful Medames (fava beans with tahini)

Hummus with pomegranate molasses

Strained yoghurt with burnt chilli

Spiced roasted carrots with yoghurt and garlic tahini

Roast red peppers on smoked labne with capers and almond brittle

Celeriac with honey mustard mayonnaise and roasted walnuts

Roasted beetroot with onions in tamarind

Chicken liver pate with apricot chutney

Chorizo with honey and onions in wine and fried cheese

Walnut pesto cheese balls with cherry tomatoes


Mussakhan chicken (from Palestine), spiced with sumac, allspice and other spices, with pinenuts, red onions, on a bed of flatbread soaked in chicken juices and parsley.

Pulled slow cooked lamb shoulder, spiced with garlic, ginger, cumin, coriander and other spices. Served on smoked aubergine bechamel.


Juniper & orange panna cotta with gin and orange jelly

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