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Updated: Nov 25, 2021

Singapore Embassy;

The Singapore Embassy in Ankara was proud to launch “Kay’s Singapore Cookbook” to a select group of Turkish friends at the Singapore Residence on 18 Sep 2021. The cookbook is written by Ms Kay Redrup, who was born in Singapore but has been living in Turkey since 1991. Using her unique cross-cultural experiences, Kay specially curated the Singapore recipes for a Turkish audience, painstakingly including ingredients (or substitutes) found locally. Kay also runs the popular “Pop-Up Dinners” in Istanbul.

As part of the launch, Kay served a delicious Singapore menu comprising Curry Puffs/Spring Rolls/Satay, Hainanese Chicken Rice and Kueh Dada, while Turkish wine blogger Ms Andrea Lemieux ( curated a range of fabulous local wines to pair with the Singapore dishes. Our guests included celebrity MasterChef Turkey participant (2020) Mr Sefa Okyay Kılıç (@sefaokyayklc), social media influencers Ms Ayşegül Aygün (@ankaraetkinlik) and Mr Cahit Erdemir (@sosyalgezicicahit), celebrity restaurateur Mr Süreyya Üzmez (Trilye Restaurant and TV host of Balık Ankara’da Yenir) and Mr Efe Düveroğlu (Düveroğlu restaurants), executive chefs Mr Taner Ozkan (JW Marriott, Ankara) and Mr Haşim Ayrancı (Divan Hotel, Ankara), culinary school instructor Mr Ali Ünal (Bilkent University) and journalists from Daily Sabah, Hurriyet Daily News, HaberTürk, ATV and Bengütürk TV. Kay’s Singapore Cookbook is published by the Singapore Embassy in Ankara as part of our cultural diplomacy initiative to promote Singapore cuisine in Turkey. It is not an easy task to manage this process entirely in-house, hence, many acknowledgements are due. Foremost, congratulations and many thanks to Kay for writing the cookbook (and taking the photos) and Sara (a Singaporean living in Istanbul) for the illustrations, and the Singapore Embassy team involved in the publication, including editors Ashraf, Ecenur, Esen, and translators Nihal and Deniz. Many thanks also to Andrea, for curating the Turkish wines to pair at dinner, and to the staff and family members who tirelessly pitched in during the event itself, including Mak, Chong, Yanting, Tamil, Claudia, Oğuzhan and Volkan. The book will be distributed to Turkish culinary schools and institutions across the country, and a copy was also presented to each dinner guest.

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