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Christmas Eve 2021

It is the biggest event in the pop-up calendar. This year I decided to make it an invitation only event by inviting those who supported pop-up during our covid times, in effect, a thank you. I kept the numbers low this year, for our comfort and safety. This did not mean we held back on food, fun and celebrations. Traditionally there are canapés to begin our evening. Sometime over the evening we do our 4 traditional Christmas songs. - Rockin' Robin (I defy anyone who says it's not a Christmas song (and if it isn't, well I made it one)). We used to do 12 days of Christmas but changed that to 'Jingle Bells' this year, followed by 'All I want for Christmas' and 'Last Christmas'.

Each guest had a small gift with a rum and raisin chocolate truffle at their placing. Standing proud in their water glasses was a balloon which contained a dreadful joke, a bell (for our songs) and a number for the 'dirty Santa' game. It requires everyone to bring a gift (usually something bizarre) and choose one randomly without knowing the contents. Guests that follow after can steal the gift. We had a few thefts, a few who loved their choices and some who left them behind (presumably because they didn't).

I cannot tell you how wonderful it was to see in Christmas with the group we had.



Brie with apricot chutney

Pork Dutch sausage with mustard honey & pickled kumquart

Sausage rolls with ketchup

Truffle cheese with pickled mayonnaise & dried cranberry


Salmon gravlax with mustard & dill mayonnaise, spinach leaves, pickled radish,

served with sourdough toast and miso butter


Beef carpaccio with gorgonzola & walnuts, spinach leaves in balsamic,

served with sourdough toast and miso butter


Polish Borscht with porcini mushroom dumplings


Roulade of sous vide chicken breast with sloe gin sauce, crisp chicken skin

on a bed of tarragon & chive potato puree

served with

Oxtail bonbon

Fondant potato

Dry roast brussels sprouts

Spiced (coriander & cumin) roast carrots with tahin & strained yoghurt


Apple pie crumble with bourbon ice-cream

Chocolate & almond slice with swiss meringue

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