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ASIAN ADVENTURE - part 8 - Vertigo

My last day is always food driven. Find the last great meal or return to a favourite and so it was a return to a favourite. When Claudia and I were in Bangkok last year and we required to spend 8 days in a hotel so we could be Covid monitored we stayed not far from a hotel called BKK Home 24. Their restaurant (also entrance to the budget hotel) served some of the best food we had in Thailand. It certainly had the best crispy pork. This time we also tried their bbq char siew red pork in fried rice and the morning glory. Both were delicious.

It was time for an experience next. When I first came to Bangkok in 2010 with my kids (15 & 10) we travelled around Asia for 6 weeks and our last few days were to be Bangkok. 13 years later I got off at Lumpini park BTS station and walked the same road I had with the kids dragging our backpacks. "What star hotel are we staying at?" (always their question. It had ranged from hostel to 4 star depending on what deals I could find). And as we walked I said nothing... "So, is it 3 star?"

"No". I answered.

"4 star?"


With building excitement they dared to asked, "5 star?"


I heard their hopes hit the pavement, "But there's nothing above 5 stars, so, it's less than 3 star?"

"No". And to put them out of their misery I finally answered, "5 and a half stars".

We were booked into the Banyan Tree in a 1 bedroom suite and 2 televisions (my son particularly remembers that). That evening my son's godfather booked himself in too and we all had drinks at Vertigo at the top floor. Last night I missed them and, as much as I loved being back there with Claudia and Dave, I really missed them.

Hotel lobby flowers and a new edition of a rainforest garden with carp and orchids.

Vertigo is on the 61st floor. The view over the city is incredible and the bar opens at 5pm. You need to get their early not to miss the sunset and to get a table.

I went for a Vertigo Pina Colada which differed in that it contained mango juice as well as pineapple juice and was made with coconut water as opposed to coconut cream. It was fresh and light and perfect.

Claudia went for a devil margarita.

Vertigo also has a restaurant.

Another cocktail to see in the night.

Goodbye Bangkok until next time and thank you Dave.

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