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I am blessed with great friends. I hope they know how loved they are by me, and appreciated. A message from one (now living in The Hague) arrived. 'there's a party at the Dutch Embassy in Bangkok, do you want to go?' I couldn't say yes fast enough. I also love people and the chance to meet those living here and from here was exciting. But first a day at Patpong. Not much to see in the daytime but we were interested in the Patpong museum. It tells the story of how the Patpong district came to be (nothing to do with prostitution) and all to do with a Hainanese man looking for a better life since his country had been plagued by several wars (the civil war, the opium war, the 2nd world war). He, and many other from Hainin emigrated to other parts of Asia, including Singapore, bringing with them Singapore's unauthorized national dish - Haininese Chicken Rice. But back to Patpong. I imagine this is the area where those from China came and built lives, including girls who had nothing other than themselves to sell. The museum takes you through some historical changes in the area including the influx of covert CIA agents working on the bombing of Laos in the early 70's, when the USA bombed Laos every 8 minutes, 24 hours a day, for 9 years. Meetings for other covert enterprises took place in bars in Patpong.

We ate there too. a very nice Vietnamese pork soup.

On the way back, right beside Dave's house is a canal and this year I've hardly seen the monitor lizards that swim it. However, there were several small ones later that day. I love these creatures.

Then it was party time.

The grounds contain lots of cows - the stone type. A symbol of the Netherlands (not always tulips).

It was a great party. I got hugged by one of the 'gods of the sky' (a KLM pilot).

Met some lovely people, including the Ambassador who was charming and, even took a picture of me to send to the woman who had informed me of the party. What a fabulous evening. Thank you all.

Then a return to Patpong at night to see a show.

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