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ASIAN ADVENTURE part 6 - Bangkok

Most of the Christmas decorations are down and being replaced by Chinese New Year ones. The year of the Rabbit is on its way.

Chatuchak market is known as a weekend market with 10,000 shops selling, just about everything from live animals to pieces of art.It wasn't the weekend when we went but could still enjoy some of the things on offer. I would have loved to take home a bonsai bougainvillea.

Craving pad Thai again and this time I asked for something different that's not on the menu - pad Thai with chinese sausage.

The backpackers/hippy street is known as Khaosan Road. It's lively, interesting and you can get some really good food there. I discovered one of the best places for crispy pork. Just a road side stall, but it did have a shop with low stools behind it where I suspect most of the magic takes place.

Sounds of Simon and Garfunkel, Hotel California, Horse with no name, John Lennon's Imagine fill the streets. This is a strip dedicated to the 70's - the flower power, love beads and peace to all vibe. The mother in me wants me son to throw on a backpack and get lost in that place for a few weeks.

Something different in the dessert front that was lovely. taro pudding with coconut ice-cream topped with sweet pea flower.

We bargained a tuktuk to take us back to our base. I love this way to travel around the city. It's more expensive than a taxi but so much more fun.

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