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ASIAN ADVENTURE part 5 - markets

Damnoen Saduak is the largest of the floating markets. Best seen at the weekend when the canals are crowded and all shops open, and best seen early morning. I'm not here over the weekend and I don't do mornings. Still Damnoen Saduak floating market is impressive, albeit overpriced for shopping. Food still good though. Getting there was not straightforward. We took the skytrain to Bangwa station and then had to taxi to the southern bus station for 15 minutes only to discover the next bus out to the market was a 2 hour wait. We picked up a couple to join us in getting a taxi for the 2 hour ride there, which was surprisingly cheap with 4 of us (only just over double what the bus cost).


25 minutes away was here was the Maeklong railway market. Shops and hawker stands line the railway line and at certain times of the day they pull in their canopies, remove some of their produce so the train can pass. The driver stops at a bubble tea shop for a moment and the owner hands him drinks and Logan fruit for his onward journey.

Walking on the tracks to do the buying.

Fish filleted and drying in the sun. What fish this is, I cannot say.

Stalls pulling in their canopies. The train runs over the veg close to the rails but doesn't touch them. We had to breath in as the train brushed past us, dangerously close.

A temple not far from the railway line.

Chinese doughnut, cut and ready for frying.

The Maeklong river

Late lunch of pork with basil, fried egg and rice.

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