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We are not good with early starts but there was no choice if we were to travel to the remote island of KOH LIPE. Why had I chosen it? The original idea had been Koh Samui but I realized we would be there for the first full moon of the year. since I'm no longer a backpacker with the ability to party all night I had to look for somewhere a little quieter. (reports now in that 20,000 people defended on Koh Phangan (home of the original full moon party (the neighboring island to Koh Samui).

KOH LIPE situated off the most southern coast of Thailand's waters, in the Andaman sea and the Indian Ocean. Close to Malaysia. Which beach to park ourselves as the proclaimed Maldives of Thailand? I picked Daya beach which is at one end of Pattaya beach. White sands (so white you can get snow blind), quieter, gentle waves and promised good snorkling. The more famous sunrise beach, boasting resorts was mostly booked up but also expensive. The sand was also golden and the water choppy. But there is no beach in Koh Lipe that isn't stunning, so it's down to small details. The snorkelling is outstanding at every beach.

The flight was 1.5 hours and landed in Hat Yai by the Malaysian border. We then had to get across to Pakbara pier, a 2.5 hour taxi ride (or bus if you can find one) to the pier. then another 2.5 hour boat ride to the island of KOH LIPE, with a stop at Tarutao island. it was a long journey and if one of our party hadn't had a passport being renewed at the time it would have made more sense to fly to Langkawi in Malaysia and hop on a short boat ride to Paradise.

Sanom beach close to Daya beach

The beauty of the island made us soon forget the long journey to it. and everyone likes to be greeted by elephants.

Daya Beach, wow wow wow all the way to the hotel.

We found a few reasonably good places to eat. Papaya Mama. This place does well. It's packed every night and the food is good, tasty at least and fresh ingredients. Located in walking street (a row of shops and restaurants and weed bars - yes its legal here).

Garlic and chilli wings

fried beef and garlic with rice

Tom Yum soup. This was the medium hot version. Removal of dried chilli was immediate and still it was hot, painful but delicious.

Prawn pad Thai but with glass noodles this time.

Mango sticky rice, apparently the best place to have it is at Papaya mama's. It was good, as I'm told was the coconut ice-cream and mango.

Sunset beach to watch the sunset of course with a bottle of bubbles

Sunrise beach to eat prawn pad thai

The Burmese restaurant called Forever (a hike to get to from where we were) but worth it for the freshly made food, which was not only good it was interesting. Pork curry, teafleaf salad and green mango salad.

Bumped into a burger place. Run by an American with his Thai wife. He had decided to throw everything he had into opening this place and change his life. I hope it works out and I hope he's there flipping burgers of this same caliber when you visit Galley 29 in walking street.

I had the mushroom truffle burger. they were also making their own buns. My burger meat was medium rare, and very tasty.

On the rocks - the restaurant at the Serendipity Hotel. The presentation is nice, The view is nice and the food is pretty good.

Pork salad. The meat was very well cooked, but it had a lot of chilli heat, so ask them to modify that.

Delicious stir fry squid and prawn. - on the rocks restaurant.

The Steak house at the beginning of walking street on Pattaya Beach offers a great BLT sandwich and a pretty nice pork satay. When asking most places for lime soda be aware it's often not fresh and overly sweet so if you want it natural ask for that.

Pork satay at the steak house.

We discovered a great roti and curry place near the Bombay Indian restaurant close to Sunset beach. The rotis are served with a small bowl of chicken curry. They tend to run out by the evening.

Ending with another bottle of Henkell at Sunset beach

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