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New Year's Eve was spent in the Turkish Airlines lounge. They did put some bubbles next to the usual wine display which was a nice gesture. At midnight we could hear the countdown from people beneath us stretched on lounger chairs waiting for their plane to depart. As lovely as the lounge is, I missed that people celebratory moment.

Eating our way through the capital - We discovered a restaurant called Harmonique. You enter through a massive Banyan tree, and you enter into a similar feel of magic just like when I was in Ankor Wat. The food here is outstandingly good. We had olive and pork rice. Pork collar and my favourite Morning glory greens.

Later the craving for crispy pork took us back to our favourite place that was sadly closed for the holidays so we got some at a mall and sat outside enjoying our first and by no means last, indulgence of crispy pork

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1 Comment

Jan 11, 2023

I'm basically torturing myself looking at these pictures - but so happy for you guys!!

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